Looking for Reynols

Néstor Frenkel

A glimpse into the desert of our own media reality. Named after a Chihuahua, Reynols are a band who despite playing in a public square with guitars plugged into pumpkins, aren’t as enigmatic as they might seen. Like their sometime co-performer Pauline Oliveros, they’re committed to listening in all possible ways to all that is possible to hear. But the interest in Miguel Tomasín, their super-human leader with Down’s syndrome, has made them a cause célèbre. This catapulted Reynols into a world of prime-time TV slots, while their CD-R output offered a multitude of fetish objects for the completist intellectualism of avant-garde music. Frenkel’s documentary is about glimpses into the desert of our own media reality. It inherits a natural humour that must surely shame any mockumentary wannabe.


  • Year 2004
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Néstor Frenkel
  • Cast Miguel Tomasín, Alan Courtis, Roberto Conlazo, Patricio Conlazo
  • Writer Néstor Frenkel
  • Producer Mariana Fonseca
  • DP Diego Poleri
  • Sound Designer Javier Farina