The dog's dream

Paulo Pécora

‘The dog’s dream’ tells the story of a spiritual resurrection. And it does so by creating a close bond between reality and fantasy, with a style that intends to provide the story with an oniric and poetic tone. The film describes, in the way a dream would, the difficult inner struggle of the protagonist, who is seeking a new and happier life. Searching for himself, the protagonist will find a world of adventures, dreams and heroism. A peculiar world in which he’ll recover his faith in life and human beings.


  • Year 2008
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Paulo Pécora
  • Cast Guillermo Angelelli, Mónica Lairana, Aldo Niebur
  • Writer Paulo Pécora
  • Producer Paula Fernández Chapela, Paulo Pécora, Constanza Sanz Palacios
  • DP Martín Frías
  • Art Jorge Sesán
  • Sound Designer German Chiodi
  • Film Editor Paulo Pécora, Pepo Razzari