Life in Mars

Néstor Frenkel

“There might be Life in Mars”, states an Announcer and newspaper headlines. The media organizes polls and contests. There’s a music hit that revolves around this supposed discovery. Meanwhile, a group of friends carry out a routine, so identical day after day, that we are invited to ask ourselves if there’s life here, on Planet Earth.


  • Year 2004
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Néstor Frenkel
  • Cast Mariana Anghileri, Ana Celentano, Ezequiel Díaz, Rafael Ferro, Federico Figueroa
  • Writer Néstor Frenkel
  • Producer Carolina Konstantinovsky, Federico Rotstein
  • DP Diego Poleri
  • Art Carlos Carnota
  • Sound Designer Javier Farina
  • Film Editor Martín Mainoli