Néstor Frenkel

For a few decades now, the extended use of Super 8 has multiplied the number of filmmakers through different “genres”: marriage films, kids singing and jumping, beach vacation movies. It’s family cinema; a cinema of memories; amateur cinema. Some people believe Super 8 was merely a chance to obtain moving pictures. Others think it was an opportunity for making cinema. This is the case of Jorge Mario, whom we had already met in “Construcción de una ciudad”, Frenkel’s previous film. He’s a dentist by trade born in Entre Ríos, and he has several passions: he’s a filmmaker, a dedicated cinephile, a radio host, a founder of a boy scout group, a shooting enthusiast, a stamp collector, and much more. Today, at age 70, and 40 years after “Winchester Martin”, his Super 8 western, Mario wants to shoot a remake of his own film. With lots of humor and a wide range of ideas (especially the western-shots), Frenkel’s film goes from generals to specifics, and then aims at the most tender part in the universe’s heart, making Jorge a very memorable character.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Néstor Frenkel
  • Cast Jorge Mario, Ofelia Graziano de Mario
  • Writer Néstor Frenkel
  • Producer Sofía Mora
  • DP Diego Poleri
  • Sound Designer Fernando Vega, Hernán Gerard
  • Film Editor Néstor Frenkel