Estanislao Buisel

For our protagonist, Julio, a number of things start: a loving relationship, a new job and a project with an old friend: the realization of a fotonovela. Love is love, and his new job is as a salesman in a bookstore. Julio soon discovers that it’s easy to steal at the bookstore. This will complicate his relationship with his girlfriend, with his project and his work.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Estanislao Buisel
  • Cast Julián Larquier, Julián Tello, Walter Jakob, William Prociuk, Julia Martínez Rubio, Matías Feldman, Horacio Marassi, Dolores Casares, Santiago Gobernori
  • Writer Estanislao Buisel
  • Producer Agustín Gagliardi
  • DP Soledad Rodríguez
  • Art Fabiana Gallegos
  • Sound Designer Tomás Fronthot
  • Film Editor Ignacio Masllorens