Beatriz Portinari

Agustina Massa & Fernando Krapp

Beatrice Portinari is not only the name of Dante Alighieri's muse, but also the pseudonym with which the writer, Aurora Venturini - a native of La Plata City - introduced herself in 2007 at the New Novel contest, organized by the newspaper Página 12, in which she obtained the grand prize for her work, “Las Primas”. Full of mischievousness and flair, vitality and mystery, with great character and lucidity, and having never stopped writing in her ninety-one years (and counting), she has lived a life completely immersed in the literature and life of the twentieth-century: she met, became friends and worked with Eva Peron in a juvenile detention center; in exile she spent time with Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, among other writers and philosophers, and she received an award from Jorge Luis Borges, amidst other prizes. For those unfamiliar with Aurora Venturini, this Documentary (during the making of which, its Directors were fired by Aurora herself) serves as an introduction to her world and her work. To her followers it will be, without a doubt, a great opportunity to meet this wonderful character. (Violeta Bava, 15 BAFICI).


  • Year 2013
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Agustina Massa & Fernando Krapp
  • Cast Aurora Venturini, María Laura Fernández Berro, Carlos Alberto Mancuso, Haydée Bambilli, Elba Alcaraz de Porro, Rosario Bléfari (Narradora)
  • Producer Nadia Martínez
  • DP Manuel Abramovich
  • Sound Designer Natalia Toussaint
  • Film Editor Pedro Barandiaran