What are you now?

Gustavo Galuppo & Mariano Goldgrob

In the Argentinian musical scene of the last two decades, ‘Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes’ (until year 2000, just ‘Reincidentes’) represented a force of notable artistic originality. They recorded memorable albums such as ‘Miguita de pan’ and ‘Qué sois ahora?’, and gave even more memorable concerts. But one day, they disappeared. Intrigued by the silence, Goldgrob and Galuppo started investigating, beginning with an email of 2008 in which the band announced: ‘Friends, we have to tell you that POR doesn’t exist anymore’. They were rebelling against the usual disrespect and lack of memory of the local rock scene. Far from the conventions of rockumentaries, the directors build a story that reveals the images of the happy years, the songs, and the voices of those who don’t forget, because they still carry ‘Reincidentes’ in their hearts.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Gustavo Galuppo & Mariano Goldgrob
  • Cast Juan Pablo Fernández, Rodrigo Guerra, Santiago Pedroncini, Guillermo Pesoa, Alejo Vintrob
  • Writer Gustavo Galuppo
  • Producer Gustavo Galuppo, Mariano Goldgrob
  • DP Mariano Goldgrob
  • Film Editor Gustavo Galuppo, Mariano Goldgrob