Next to be gone

Lorena Muñoz

Argentina, 1933. The Mexican painter, David Alfaro Siqueiros, paints the mural “Plastic Exercise” in the basement of the mansion of Natalio Botana, an Argentinean tycoon. 70 years later, we plunge in the itinerary of this piece that, dismantled, is locked in five containers at the mercy of the weather.


  • Year 2006
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Lorena Muñoz
  • Cast Alvaro Abos, Hugo Achugar, Jose Antonio Berni, Gloria Machado Botana, Alvaro Castagnino
  • Writer Lorena Muñoz
  • Producer Maximiliano Dubois
  • DP Iván Gierasinchuk
  • Sound Designer Celeste Palma , Patricio Muñoz, Leandro Monk, Luciano Fusseti, Guido Berenblum
  • Film Editor Alejandra Almirón, Benjamín Ávila