Dreams of Polvorón

Gabriel Alijo

From Los Polvorines, the third industrial cordon in Gran Buenos Aires, like a badly drawn superhero, Guillermo Solis turns into Willy Polvorón, a lumpen songwriter and guitarist who dedicates his song to the chorizo, the empanadas, the bicycle and soda bottle tops. Hearing is believing: this restless composer of cartonero rock has the most reduced cult in the universe, in spite of having rotation on massive FM radio stations. Against all odds, in a perfect duet with his manager, Willy tries to infiltrate in the world of music’s high society, smuggling an arsenal of unusual songs which go beyond genres and tastes.


  • Year 2006
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Gabriel Alijo
  • Cast Willy Polvorón
  • Writer Gabriel Alijo
  • DP Guillermo Andreotti, Paula Gigliotti