The Pursued

Horacio Correa

The conflictive situation behind the act of writing –of literary creation– can many times derive in small daily labyrinths: the white sheet, which nowadays blinks on a computer monitor, can be a dangerous abyss. This is the case of the main character in ‘The Pursued’, a writer whose present day becomes the starting point of a plot as dramatic as the beginning of a novel.


  • Year 2010
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Horacio Correa
  • Cast María Abadi, Guillermo Angelelli, Elena Gowland, Lila Monti, Luciano Suardi
  • Writer Horacio Correa
  • Producer Rodrigo Caprotti, Horacio Correa, Fernando Escalera, Diego Morel
  • DP Daniel Portela
  • Film Editor Lucas Borán, Julio Di Riso