Ernesto Ardito

Nazion is an essay about the history of fascism in Argentina. The film explores the ideology of Catholic Nationalism in Argentina, which inspired and justified the state terrorism in our country through the partnership between church and military. Leopold, a man of 82, who lived the persecution and deaths of their friends in the dictatorship, explores unreleased files about this ideology, to prevent this reborn in new generations. It is his legacy. Thus, he rediscovered, over the history of twentieth-century Argentina, the major crimes and concepts of the ultra nationalist right, mainly anti-Communist, anti-democratic and xenophobic.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Ernesto Ardito
  • Cast Leopoldo Nacht, Cristina Banegas, Tony Vilas
  • Writer Ernesto Ardito
  • Producer Ernesto Ardito, Leopoldo Nacht
  • DP Ernesto Ardito
  • Sound Designer Ariel Direse, Ernesto Ardito
  • Film Editor Ernesto Ardito