Elsa and her Ballet

Darío Doria

It is February: the nearly 60 women who make up the ‘Ballet 40/90’ get toghether to begin their work. They have eight months of difficult rehearsals ahead of them. The group is made up of housewives, professionals, psychologists, teachers, traders. Some are married, others are single, widows or divorced. The youngest is 47 years old, the eldest is 81, and except one of them, none of them has ever danced professionally. Elsa, the Ballet director, arrives with the weight of her 87 years of age on her shoulders. This great and hyperactive white haired woman, that walks with the aid of a walking stick, is responsible for creating the choreographies, adapting the music, designing the costumes and deciding on the lighting, among lots of other things.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Darío Doria
  • Writer Luis Camardella
  • Producer Darío Doria
  • DP Darío Doria
  • Film Editor Darío Doria