The fantastic world of Cropogo

Wenceslao Bonelli

Crópogo: “cro” from croquet, “po” from polo, “go” from golf. This mixture is a sport that has been played for about eight decades in Sierra de la Ventana (south of the Province of Buenos Aires). The movie takes us deep into that world –with more than a few surreal aspects and sporty absurdity- through interviews, visits to the “court”, and archives material. And we’ll see that the world of crópogo is a lot more than a sport: it is the passion of the players, it is a fight to rewrite the history of its glories, records and triumphs; it is, in the end, some sort of brotherhood generated by the experience of living submerged in a sport.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Wenceslao Bonelli
  • Cast Carlos E. Gambetta, Santiago Machado
  • Writer Wenceslao Bonelli
  • Producer Daniela Martínez
  • DP Federico Bal
  • Film Editor Andrés Quaranta, Mercedes Rojas