El hada buena - Una fábula peronista

Laura Casabé

“El Hada Buena” takes place in Argentina, in a distant, or not so distant, future. After the disaster, the authorities have decided to reinstall the policies of the welfare state of Peronism, or at least its aesthetics and vocabulary. Society makes a great effort in copying old habits and worships a hologram of a fake Peron. Esther and Horacio, two siblings, are the only survivors of a former wealthy family. They adapt to times they live in and adopt children at auctions, with the purpose of getting one of them adopted by Peron. They don’t succeed, but everything seems to change with the arrival of the seventh child: Juan Domingo VII.


  • Year 2010
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Laura Casabé
  • Cast Walter Cornás, Alejandro Parrilla, Rodrigo Lico Lorente, Orlando Mastropaolo, Rocío Rodríguez Presedo, Lidia Epstejn
  • Writer Laura Casabé
  • Producer Julio Ortega
  • DP Miguel Rivadeneira
  • Art Micaela Sleigh
  • Film Editor Matías Lojo, Esteban Rojas