Sip'ohi, el lugar del manduré

Sebastián Lingiardi

Gustavo Salvatierra returns to his hometown, Sipo’hi, in the Impenetrable Chaqueño (the impenetrable forest in the north of Argentina), with the aim of listening and collecting stories of wichí culture, transmitted orally from generation to generation. The Culture is alive in language, in the faces and in the singular mood of wichí men and women. Salvatierra must find a way to show that, but what he doesn’t know is that he will have to overcome some resistance from his community.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Sebastián Lingiardi
  • Cast Gustavo Salvatierra, Félix Segundo
  • Writer María Paz Bustamante
  • Producer Sebastián Lingiardi, María Paz Bustamante
  • DP Sebastián Lingiardi
  • Sound Designer Felipe Rugeles
  • Film Editor Sebastián Lingiardi