An X-Ray of the Desert

Mariano Donoso

When Martínez Estrada wrote Radiografía de la Pampa, his analysis was influenced by his readings of the literature by explorers and travelers who had ventured into what used to be unknown lands. “An X-Ray of the Desert” not only borrows the title from that book, but also picks up the idea of venturing into strange areas, except that the complexity today lies on the fact that there are no more places left to discover. The destination: the Argentine desert. (BAFICI)


  • Year 2013
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Mariano Donoso
  • Writer Mariano Donoso
  • Producer Mariano Donoso, Franco Pellegrino
  • DP Juan Sirk Hauser, Mariano Donoso
  • Art Selva Tulian
  • Sound Designer Alejandro Alonso
  • Film Editor Mariano Donoso