Chagas, a Hidden Affliction

Ricardo Preve

Filmed in Argentina, the US, and Europe, this documentary gives a voice to those suffering from Chagas, and to those working to find a cure to this desease that affects about 20 million people worldwide, kills nearly 50.000 per year, but is practically unknown to the general public. Filming this documentary presented a special challenge: Chagas has few external symptoms. The desease slowly eats away at the internal organs of patients, and may not kill them for 10 to 20 years. Sometimes called the AIDS of the poor, since its discovery in 1909 Chagas has been predicted to go away as living conditions for the poor improve in Latin America. But this has not happened, and the disease lives on, aided by public ignorance, government indifference, and the fact that those afflicted have little access to the Media.


  • Year 2005
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Ricardo Preve
  • Producer Paz Figini, Sasha Preve, Sabine De Voghel
  • DP Leo Aguinaga
  • Sound Designer Sergio Albertoni
  • Film Editor Oscar Saporiti