Matías Pablo Saccomanno

In Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, an urban maze made out of metal and earth, seven young musicians dedicate their lives to a dream: give birth to Abyali Percussion. They want to rescue the traditional rhythms from oblivion and to spread them all over the world. They aspire to be able to live off their passion in a country where the record industry is nonexistent and where auditoriums are missing. In this devastated panorama, after two hard working years, facing economic needs, a ray of hope appears in the horizon. They have been selected to the dance and percussions festival Abok I N’goma. Tension progressively grows up as the performance is approaching; internal frictions, disagreements with their mentor Amadou Kienou, but they know that they must keep working because only work pays. Abyali is a view of contemporary urban Africa told through the beat of drums, the same beat that feeds the dream of Abyali Percussion.


  • Year 2007
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Matías Pablo Saccomanno
  • Writer Matías Pablo Saccomanno
  • Producer Marie Pessiot
  • DP Matías Pablo Saccomanno
  • Film Editor Matías Pablo Saccomanno