The Planets

Francisco Vázquez Murillo

A woman that moves into the city to change it. Two former friends that are now sworn enemies. A man that invades apartments so as to spy and film naked women from anonymous windows. A writer that steals ideas from obscure books, and an interpreter that discovers him. An epidemc of UFOs in an unbearably-hot summer.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Francisco Vázquez Murillo
  • Cast Julia Martínez Rubio, Walter Jakob, Mucio Manchini, Javier Drolas, Ricardo Félix, Débora Dejtiar
  • Writer Francisco Vázquez Murillo
  • Producer Francisco Vázquez Murillo, Mauro Andrizzi
  • DP Galel Maidana, Facundo Pires
  • Sound Designer Manuel De Andrés
  • Film Editor Francisco Vázquez Murillo, Mauro Andrizzi