Lost Alamo

Francisco Forbes

Los Alamos is a band formed in 2004 by Peter Lopez and Ezequiel Safatle. Their particular sound (self-proclaimed “narco-country”) is informed by the band’s passion for music and the variety of styles that have served as inspiration: from hardcore to American folk music, by way of the blues, dub, punk, and other rock ‘n roll sub-genres.

Lost Alamo portrays the evolution of the band during a crucial period of uncertainty. After the departure of Peter (leader and singer) for Marseille, the group flounders in a year of inactivity. In August of 2009, as Peter returns temporarily to Argentina, Los Alamos goes on tour in Argentina and Chile, putting on nine concerts in a month. As the tour comes to a close, the band’s future remains uncertain.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Francisco Forbes
  • Cast Andrés Barlesi, Peter López, Gonzalo Rainoldi, Ezequiel Safatle, Jonah Schwartz
  • Writer Francisco Forbes
  • Producer Francisco Forbes, Florence Ortiz
  • DP Juan Manuel Bramuglia, Álvaro Cifuentes, Francisco Forbes
  • Film Editor Juan Manuel Bramuglia, Francisco Forbes