Return to Bolivia

Mariano Raffo

A Bolivian family in Buenos Aires travels back to Bolivia after eight years of absence. They are looking for a new employee for their produce store. During their voyage they encounter their families, old friends and abandoned traditions. But everything has changed, and Bolivia doesn’t seem to be their place anymore.


  • Year 2008
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Mariano Raffo
  • Cast Janeth Cuiza, Brian Quispe Cuiza, Camila Quispe Cuiza, Jhoselyn Quispe Cuiza, David Quispe
  • Writer Marina Boolls, Mariano Raffo
  • Producer Marina Boolls, Felicitas Raffo
  • DP Mariano Raffo
  • Sound Designer Gigi Chaves
  • Film Editor Omar Ester, Mariano Raffo