An Illuminated Life

Andrés Habegger

Two somewhat anachronistic passions entertain the days of Arturo “Tucho” Lazlo: the music from the vast vinyl collection spinning in his record-player and the paintings he makes at a collective workshop. The first passion seems logical, given Tucho’s present condition: blindness. Painting, instead, is not a task that may come easy to him; on the contrary, it’s a challenge taken on one picture at a time, that allows him to relate to the visual universe snatched away from him by a tragic decision. This film-portrait follows Tucho on his everyday life, his connection with the world, from his art to his aliment, with a present that evokes a macabre past in close-up. Taking no detours and without dying the inherent hues of everyday life, Andrés Habegger succeeds in recording tension and repose, sadness and hope, banality and the genius of Tucho’s world, without ever getting patronizing or cloying, always looking for the right distance. (Bafici)


  • Year 2007
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Andrés Habegger
  • Writer Pablo Hofman
  • Producer Nathalia Peluso
  • DP Mariana Russo
  • Sound Designer Sebastián Ramírez, Agustín Alzueta
  • Film Editor Laura Giménez