The tree that grows on the wall

Tomás Lipgot

It took Jack Fuchs, one of the last survivors of the Holocaust living in Jack Fuchs, at his lucid 88 years of age, is one of the few survivors of the extermination camps during the Second World War who, today, lives in Buenos Aires. Born in Lodz, Poland, he was imprisoned for four years in one of Lodz’s ghettos. Later, he was sent to Dachau and to Auschwitz. At the end of the war, at the age of 21 he managed to escape despite the extermination of his entire family. After four decades and revisiting Lodz, Poland, he began telling his touching story. The movie is a testimony of his experience along with different cinematographic resources which will connect aesthetics of pictorial animation, family archives and interviews.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Tomás Lipgot
  • Cast Jack Fuchs
  • Writer Tomás Lipgot
  • Producer Constanza Sanz Palacios
  • DP Tomás Lipgot
  • Sound Designer Andrés Polonsky
  • Film Editor Leandro Tolchinsky