Shooting "Batalla en el cielo"

Adrián Arce & Manuel Méndez

This documentary shows the work of Carlos Reygadas during the shooting of his second feature film, “Battle in Heaven”, in Mexico City. Reygadas has become one of the most important directors of Latin America, with films like “Japón” and “Post Tenebras Lux” which received the Best Director Award at Cannes. Reygadas states that one of the secrets in cinema is to compose with time and matter instead of making illustrated literature. He makes visually powerful and poetic films, more evocative than narrative, with a particular conception of time and space.


  • Year 2004
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Adrián Arce & Manuel Méndez
  • Cast Carlos Reygadas, Diego Vignatti, Marcos Hernández
  • Writer Adrián Arce, Manuel Méndez
  • Producer Adrián Arce, Diego Rivera, Manuel Méndez, Ximena Mijares
  • DP Adrián Arce, Diego Rivera