Mi alazán tostao

Nelo Cosimi

Amancio, the son of a judge, is the real master and lord of a town, and wants to impose his property criteria over the owners of ranches and horses. He stops the eviction of Eulalia’s family ranch, with the hidden intention of making her his lover. Silvestre, an outsider that arrives at the village, meets Eulalia by chance, after suffering a zulky accident. He will find trouble as well, as his horse doesn’t have a property mark.


  • Year 1923
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Nelo Cosimi
  • Cast Nelo Cosimi, Raquel Garín, Rafael de los Llanos, Augusto Goncalvez, Arturo Forte
  • Writer Nelo Cosimi
  • Producer Alejandro P. Gómez
  • DP Luis Scaglione, Vicente Scaglione