Ezequiel Yanco

Los días is a film about two twin sisters, their everyday life and the intimacy of their female childhood world. Martina and Micaela live in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Norma, their mother, takes care of them and helps them with their activities. She also takes them to catechism classes and to auditions in the capital, aiming for her daughters to become famous actresses. But this routine is altered when Norma starts working and abandons housework. Martina and Micaela are left alone, and, in a situation of fragile neglect and freedom, they start learning about domestic survival.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Ezequiel Yanco
  • Cast Martina Mendes, Micaela Mendes, Norma Ponzio
  • Writer Ezequiel Yanco
  • Producer Ezequiel Yanco
  • Film Editor Valeria Racioppi