Hot Button Players

Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke

The first strange thing we’re faced with is the title, which seems as if it was written in another language. Crack is an English word, already accepted by the Spanish Royal Academy, which means extraordinary skilled sportsman. And nacre is an organic-inorganic substance that is used, among other thing, to make buttons. Second strange thing: this is a film about buttons (the ones in clothing, but outside of it) that play soccer. Soccer with buttons? Yes, but the buttons don’t move on their own; they are moved by Rómulo Berruti and Alfredo Serra, veteran journalists, long-time friends, eminent conversationalists (and whisky drinkers) and passionate fans of soccer-playing buttons. Not any button is a crack, and so the chosen ones get personalized and named after players like Bordenave or Rojas. Cracks de nácar is a film about a singular game, but also, and especially, is a placid, fluent portrait of a friendship based on the pleasure of a good anecdote, sharp conversations, a teasing view of the world, and the sophisticated intelligence of laughing at one self, which is shared by Berruti, Serra, and the film itself (Bafici Catalogue).


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke
  • Cast Rómulo Berruti, Alfredo Serra, Antonio Esnai Da Silva Fonseca, Henrique Lourenco, Mara Sala
  • Producer Daniel Casabé, Ariel Cheszes, Paz Carreira, Edgardo Dieleke
  • DP Alejandro Petrecco
  • Art Miguel Seo
  • Sound Designer Pablo Duchovny, Germán, Estudio Liquid
  • Film Editor Andrés P. Estrada, Daniel Casabé