Igual si llueve

Fernando A. Gatti

As he sits on a present situation where his childhood’s expiration date gives way to an uncertain adolescence, Agustín decides to create a small freedom spot far from his daily routine, which includes taking care of his sick grandmother. When the last day of school is over, Agustín and his friend Javier escape during the siesta hours when his anonymous river town closes the shades and blinds itself from adventure. Capturing the nuances of every tiny experience and managing to make reality and imagination float without forcing the storytelling, Fernando Gatti’s first film escapes the easy portrait of puberty and gets a quiet, broken adventure to project the same whispered and blinking vitality of a strong river’s murmur and reflections. With no sentimentality but rather a perplex emotion, the world portrayed in this film is a relaxed crossroads where the paths open up without disturbing the landscape, as if change was a new perspective about to be revealed. (Bafici Catalogue).


  • Year 2012
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Fernando A. Gatti
  • Cast Tomás Carullo Lizzio, Juan Marcos Bracco Arancet
  • Writer Fernando A. Gatti
  • Producer Lucila Castellanos, Jimena Plazas
  • DP Román Cárdenas
  • Film Editor Leandro Aste