8 Horsemen

Santiago José Asef

“8 Horsmen” tells the pleaseant vicissitudes of the group of peasants, passionate riders from Buenos Aires Provence’s who, united by their love for history and culture, rode 1900 kilometers in 64 days, from San Salvador de Jujuy, discovering with astonishment the people and landscapes that conforms this country and carrying up the impressions to Buenos Aires, in time for the celebrations of the Bicentenary of the May Revolution (that origin Argentinian independence). Touched by a vivid and large country, the horsemen will find feelings asleep before, establish new friends, share meals, dances and music, but also the pain of injustice that takes out from some people the land, health and bread. Old ideas of the Revolution recover their original meaning, posing as the greatest and precious heritage of our country and South America.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Santiago José Asef
  • Cast Grupo La Patria a Caballo (Hugo Bauer, Ricardo Guerendiain, Rafael Pérez, Alberto Jalil, Jorge Guerendiain, Enrique Martinoli, Carlos Becker, Gregorio Zabala, Quito Urraca)
  • Producer Santiago Asef, Cecilia Guerrero
  • DP Diego Pincheira, Fernando Gonzalez, Santiago Asef
  • Sound Designer Diego Pincheira, Fernando Gonzalez, Santiago Asef
  • Film Editor Santiago Asef, Nahuel Lahora