A vuelo de pajarito

Santiago García Isler

This documentary rediscovers the history of the 20th century through the narrations of investigative journalist and historian Rogelio Garcia Lupo. He cofounded news agency Prensa Latina together with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Rodolfo Walsh and Jorge Masetti, as well as the CGT workers’ weekly newspaper. Using a chinese box structure, we access García Lupo’s archive, while he classifies it, at age 82, before donating everything to the National Library, for future investigators to consult.


  • Year 2014
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Santiago García Isler
  • Cast Rogelio García Lupo, Juan Gelman, Osvaldo Bayer, Eduardo Galeano, Horacio Verbitsky
  • Writer Santiago García Isler
  • Producer Matilde Michanié
  • DP Alberto Carpo Cortés, Jorge Yías
  • Sound Designer Diego Abrales, Juan Pablo Redolfi, Juan Deffis
  • Film Editor Miguel Colombo