Rain is not seeing you

Mayra Bottero

Ten years ago, horror came about in Buenos Aires. During a rock concert in a nightclub, 194 people, mainly young people, died in what is known as “The Tragedy of Cromañón”. A few hours after the incident, several issues arose: the unveiled negligence of the state, and institutionalized corruption. Since then, survivors and the victims’ relatives and acquaintances began a long and intricate journey looking for justice. But, what is Justice? What does it mean to us?


  • Year 2015
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Mayra Bottero
  • Producer Florencia Franco, Gabriela Cueto, Liv Zaretzky, Mayra Bottero
  • DP Fernando Lorenzale
  • Sound Designer Manuel de Andrés
  • Film Editor Valeria Racioppi