At the end of the World

Franca González

In Tolhuin, a small town lost on the far argentinian south where almost nobody gets to stay, where the wind and the cold find their way inside through the cracks and the snow gets to cover the wire fences around the fields, a man takes a new shot trying to make people stay: he comes up with a parade on plain winter.​ This is a documentary about man’s struggle to embrace a fate that is not always chosen, to accept an adverse environment that, may does not belong to him, but nonetheless hardens him in order to face nature in its purest condition. In “At the end”, inhabitants of this frozen spot discover several, sometimes strange, ways to face adversity and its related fantasies every day.


  • Year 2014
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Franca González
  • Cast Roberto Berbel, Dora Jara, Sandra Thomas y Benjamin Ñancul y otros vecinos de Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego
  • Writer Franca González
  • Producer Films del Viento Blanco y Les Productions Sous Zéro (Canadá), Nadia Martinez (Prod. Ej).
  • DP Franca González
  • Sound Designer Ezequiel Brodsky (sonido directo), Nerina Valido y Lucas Meyer (mezcla)
  • Film Editor Miguel Colombo