The River People

Martín Benchimol y Pablo Aparo

Ernestina is a small town with 150 inhabitants, stage of this documentary with the tension of a fiction film. The strange characters that live in the town, introduce us to the crimes committed by the people who visit the river. Nowadays the neighbours hired private security and this seems to have ended the problem. However, while the documentary makers are shooting the movie, new strange events occur. What is really happening in Ernestina? The film invites us to approach with humour the bizarre world of this town. The particular life of its inhabitants and the mystery of the river people.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Martín Benchimol y Pablo Aparo
  • DP Martín Benchimol
  • Sound Designer Leandro De Loredo (Tres Sonido-Argentina)
  • Film Editor Pablo Aparo