NOA, a trip in underdevelopment

Diego Olmos y Pablo Pintor / Grupo “El cineambulante”

In August 1999, a group of friends begins a trip through the Argentine Northwest on board of a motorhome. Its initial objective is to show films, free of charge, in small towns along 3000 kilometers. An extreme and forgotten country comes to meet them. Kilometer to kilometer the original certainties become more and more diffuse. During their last projection something happens, and the course gets totally lost.


  • Year 2004
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Diego Olmos y Pablo Pintor / Grupo “El cineambulante”
  • Writer Pablo Pintor, Diego Olmos
  • Producer Grupo "el cineambulante": Virginia Croatto, Alejo Grau, Karina Moix, Paula Molina, Ignacio Masllorens, Omar Ester, Kara Ester, Lucero Brushtein, Diego Danei, Alejandro Ester, Pablo Pintor, Diego Olmos.
  • Sound Designer Grupo “el cineambulante”, Marcelo Rest
  • Film Editor Pablo Pintor, Diego Olmos