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Cinemargentino is a video library of Argentinian films, that allows users to stream full movies, unlimitedly and for free.

Cinemargentino offers a new exhibition window for quality local audiovisual production. Alligned with the new ways of consuming entertainment media – in which internet plays an major role – we promote, broadcast and facilitate access to the best Argentinian Film.

Cinemargentino extends the life of those films that triumph in international an national film festivals, after exhibition in this circuit and theatrical release. By consolidating exhibition agreements with filmmakers, Cinemargentino makes films available through its platform, for unlimited and free viewing, and to a great audience: anyone with an internet connection can access the service. Cinemargentino brings local films to its audience, and aspires to be a perdurable source of experiencing this form of art.

The platform was launched in March 2013. It was awarded with a Cultural Interest recognition by the City of Buenos Aires Legislature, in September of the same year, and by with a Cultural Interest recognition by the Senate of Argentina, in July 2014.


  • Martin ramos mejia

    Martín Ramos Mejía

    Co-founder / Platform Operation

  • Rita falcon

    Rita Falcón

    Co-founder / Content Management

  • Sabrina grosman

    Sabrina Grosman

    Content Management

  • Cecilia farias

    Cecilia Farías


  • Manuel saez

    Manuel Sáez


  • Guadalupe arriegue

    Guadalupe Arriegue