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El desierto negro

Gaspar Scheuer

Fiction | 2007 | 90 min

Across a vaguely historical territory – the Argentine pampas at the end of the nineteen century – a manhunt takes place: cavalry soldiers track a gaucho guilty of an infamous crime.

Disco limbo

Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo

Fiction | 2016 | 69 min

David heads over to a party. Inside the party he meets Lucio, a handsome stud of many talents, with whom he sets out on a journey of self-discovery that begins on the dance floor and finishes in the middle of the mountains.

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José Ignacio

Ricardo Preve

Fiction | 2009 | 82 min

Fernando is an argentine in his fifties who lives in Jose Ignacio, a small village on the coast of Uruguay. His daughter Cristina, who studies in nearby Buenos Aires, comes to visit him on her vacation, and asks him to accompany her to a surfing class on the beach. There he meets Marina, an italian woman who is a surfing instructor.

To Heaven

Diego Prado

Fiction | 2012 | 83 min

Andrés in a shy teenager. One night he learns on TV that his idol, leader of rock band Black Night, commited suicide. Alarmed by the news, his mother becomes concerned, and takes him to the evangelic church. Andrés joins a youth group and meets Alex. The attraction (between them) is so strong that Alex gains a sudden interest in religious activities.

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Federico Falasca, Tatiana Pérez Veiga, Laura Spiner

Fiction | 2013 | 73 min

Three filmmakers, two characters, and one couple in one single day.

String Theory

L. Montes, G. González Carreño, C. Frías, L. Focarazzo, L. Foglio, E. De Rossi, O. Maio, J. Tancredi, S. Brauer, A. González Mendiondo, A. Casal

Fiction | 2011 | 69 min

Every segment in this film is entitled by some chemical element, as if the whole piece could fuse together different components that rarely work together. And perhaps their alchemist secret, their true reason for being, is to experiment on combinations that, regardless of how improbable they are, can also generate a big audiovisual potion.

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Free García

María Boughen

Fiction | 2013 | 82 min

Inés and Roma roam the rooftops and streets of the city, they dream up their own universe, they make and unmake themselves through games and projects that never prosper.

Igual si llueve

Fernando A. Gatti

Fiction | 2012 | 64 min

As he sits on a present situation where his childhood’s expiration date gives way to an uncertain adolescence, Agustín decides to create a small freedom spot far from his daily routine.


Laura Citarella

Fiction | 2011 | 84 min

A girl wins in a contest, a four-day vacation in a hotel in Ostende, in the Buenos Aires province. Here, she's driven by the forces of leisure, and of intrigue, fueled by subtle enigmas and slightly disturbing situations.

Hasta después de muerta

Eduardo Martínez de la pera, Ernesto Gunche, Florencio Parravicini

Fiction | 1916 | 73 min

With a young woman's grave as a starting point, the movie is a long flashback that retells the story of this young woman and a couple of medicine students, at times comically, at times dramatically.

El último malón

Alcides Greca

Fiction | 1918 | 62 min

A reconstruction of the mocoví tribes rebellion in the area of Chaco in Santa Fe, in 1904.

Mi alazán tostao

Nelo Cosimi

Fiction | 1923 | 43 min

Amancio, the son of a judge, is the real master and lord of a town, and wants to impose his property criteria over the owners of ranches and horses. He stops the eviction of Eulalia's family ranch, with the hidden intention of making her his lover.

La quena de la muerte

Nelo Cosimi

Fiction | 1929 | 67 min

A woman and his lover spend a season at the mountains, in order to recover from the excesses of life in the city. But peace doesn't last long: he tries to seduce a country-woman and she invites a mongrel over to her bedroom.

'73 Model

Rodrigo Moscoso

Fiction | 2001 | 72 min

They say there's nothing like a classic car to impress the ladies. Manuel, Luis, and Ramiro are three guys just edging out of their teenage years who decide they need a car if they want to get anywhere with the women in the small town where they were born.


Federico Luis Tachella & Ignacio Bollini

Fiction | 2013 | 94 min

To know someone in depth can be exhausting. Even in the most mundane situations, it is possible to find tension peeking from underneath.

The Planets

Francisco Vázquez Murillo

Fiction | 2012 | 61 min

A woman that moves into the city to change it. Two former friends that are now sworn enemies. A man that invades apartments so as to spy and film naked women from anonymous windows. A writer that steals ideas from obscure books, and an interpreter that discovers him. An epidemc of UFOs in an unbearably-hot summer.


Cinthia Varela, Marco Berger, Cecilia Del Valle, Andrew Sala, Francisco Forbes

Fiction | 2010 | 88 min

Five stories about sex directed by five young directors.


Mariano Luque

Fiction | 2012 | 66 min

Small mountains. Trees. Camping. A couple in a tent. They're having a sunny day, and luckily, there are not many tourists. Right away there are signs that say they’re not equals. The man holds more power. The woman is trapped.

Love (Part One)

Alejandro Fadel, Martín Máuregui, Santiago Mitre, Juan Schnitman

Fiction | 2005 | 102 min

"Love (Part One)" dissects the way in which 25-year-olds live, suffer and enjoy falling in love.

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Cabeza de ratón: Una pinturita de ratón

Diego Rolle, José María Beccaría, Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Fiction | 2011 | 77 min

Cabeza de ratón (Mouse Head), the charismatic TV host after which the film is titled, browses through the world of Rosario’s visual artists, in a crime story that involves a big theft, a spiritual voyage and a tale of friendship.

no subs

Cabeza de ratón: En la cresta del rock

Diego M. Rolle, José María Beccaría, Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Fiction | 2012 | 53 min

Cabeza de ratón (“Mouse Head”), host of a TV show, decides to change its format, making the show a singing contest, exclusively dedicated to Rosario’s rock songs.

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The night shift

Matías Rispau

Fiction | 2011 | 70 min

Diego is in his late twenties. He’s been stuck in the same routine for a long time, working at a gas station. During his first night shift, he encounters a few situations and people that make him realise that he doesn’t belong there anymore.

El descanso

Ulises Rosell, Andrés Tambornino & Rodrigo Moreno

Fiction | 2002 | 81 min

A car crash in the road makes Freddy Fassano encounter "El Descanso", an old hotel of the thirties, now in ruins. Tempted by the idea of recovering the good old times, he leads the extravagant enterprise of reopening the grand hotel.

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Today I felt no fear

Iván Fund

Fiction | 2011 | 123 min

"Today I felt no fear" is two movies at once. The first one portrays two sisters in their everyday lives, and the second one abandons lineal narrative to explore freely with the textures of images and sounds.

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Fernando Spiner

Fiction | 1998 | 105 min

It's 2010 in Argentina: the Bicentennial of the May Revolution. Authorities carry out experiments with a new chemical, that leads to an accident by which thousands of people loose their memory, and with it, their identity.

no subs

El hada buena - Una fábula peronista

Laura Casabé

Fiction | 2010 | 83 min

"El Hada Buena" takes place in Argentina, in a distant future. After the disaster, the authorities have decided to reinstall the policies of the welfare state of Peronism, or at least its aesthetics and vocabulary.


Carola Gliksberg

Fiction | 2008 | 72 min

Three situations of a vaguely theatrical origin, stripped of any kind of exterior clothing, reveal the trail of a different kind of cinema.

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The Intern

Clara Picasso

Fiction | 2010 | 64 min

A young intern starts a night job as a bell-boy at a five star hotel in Buenos Aires. During his internship he is trained by a receptionist, with whom he develops a close relationship.


Grupo Hexágono

Fiction | 2008 | 81 min

Brenda, a seventeen-year-old teenager in charge of a hotel, invents and writes stories about the guests that stay there.

The Pursued

Horacio Correa

Fiction | 2010 | 63 min

The conflictive situation behind the act of literary creation can derive in small daily labyrinths: the white sheet, which nowadays blinks on a computer monitor, can be a dangerous abyss.

The Clues - Las Pistas - Lanhoyij - Nmitaxanaxac

Sebastián Lingiardi

Fiction | 2010 | 50 min

The different cultures that inhabit Argentina shape up a story about betrayal, rescues, double agents, and varied, imprecise intrigues.

Regarding Buenos Aires

Ferrari, Franzetti, Kalina, Libster, Pedemonte, Picasso, Piñeiro, Ronco, Santamaría, Solarz, Zukerfeld

Fiction | 2007 | 82 min

Eleven directors, thirty-two characters and five-part collective experience about a city. Temperate and merry, the remains of a shipwreck: Regarding Buenos Aires.

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The Hour of the Nap

Sofía Mora

Fiction | 2009 | 73 min

Franca's dad has died. While waiting for the funeral, she wanders around the neighborhood with her little brother.


Fernando Spiner

Fiction | 2010 | 98 min

Aballay was an ill-tempered gaucho, but sometimes the image reflected by a mirror makes a man reconsider his whole life.

(How) to be dead

Manuel Ferrari

Fiction | 2008 | 76 min

A young boy decides to fake his own kidnapping. He abandons school and then meets some friends outside who don’t know about his plan.