Disco limbo

Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo

David heads over to a party. Inside the party he meets Lucio, a handsome stud of many talents, with whom he sets out on a journey of self-discovery that begins on the dance floor and finishes in the middle of the mountains. In order to win Lucio’s heart over, David must get around the net of his very own thoughts, passing by a whirl of uncontrollable deja vus.


  • Year 2016
  • Type Fiction
  • Director Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo
  • Cast Guido Botto Fiora, Lucas Escariz, Jonatan Ciarrocca, Juan Chapur
  • Writer Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo
  • Producer Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo, Ivana Brozzi
  • DP Mariano Toledo
  • Sound Designer Ivana Brozzi, Andrés Marks, Jerónimo Kohn, Juan Caille, Begoña Cortazar
  • Film Editor Fredo Landaveri + Mariano Toledo