NOA, a trip in underdevelopment

Diego Olmos y Pablo Pintor / Grupo “El cineambulante”

Documentary | 2004 | 89 min

In August 1999, a group of friends begins a trip through the Argentine Northwest on board of a motorhome. Its initial objective is to show films, free of charge, in small towns along 3000 kilometers.

no subs

El estado de las cosas

Tatiana Mazú & Joaquín Maíto

Documentary | 2012 | 71 min

A house is being emptied and the auction of all kinds of objects attracts a very diverse multitude: inhabitants of a world in which everything, even the most sacred things- is for sale.

no subs

The River People

Martín Benchimol y Pablo Aparo

Documentary | 2012 | 62 min

Ernestina is a small town with 150 inhabitants, stage of this documentary with the tension of a fiction film.

no subs

Salud Rural

Darío Doria

Documentary | 2014 | 80 min

A little town, a rural hospital, and a Doctor who assists his patients. Each consultation in the hospital, each home visit, tells a little story and all, assembled, make this documentary film.

no subs

General Pico

Sebastián Lingiardi

Documentary | 2015 | 65 min

A peculiar glance at the city of General Pico, in La Pampa, Argentina.


Marcos Pastor y Miguel Colombo

Documentary | 2008 | 72 min

With archive footage and testimonies from the protagonists of an epic productive stage of Argentina, the film narrates the story of the "Rastrojero", one of the most popular vehicles of our past.


Miguel Colombo

Documentary | 2012 | 84 min

Along an intimate geographical journey, the director narrates in first person the story of his grandfather Ludovico, an Italian immigrant who arrived in Argentina after fighting in the Second World War and who soon reveals himself as disturbingly contradictory.

At the end of the World

Franca González

Documentary | 2014 | 79 min

In Tolhuin, a small town lost on the far argentinian south where almost nobody gets to stay, where the wind and the cold find their way inside through the cracks and the snow gets to cover the wire fences around the fields, a man takes a new shot trying to make people stay: he comes up with a parade on plain winter.​

Dear Mara, letters from a trip through Patagonia

Carlos Echeverría

Documentary | 2008 | 90 min

Director Carlos Echeverría follows a group of sheep shearers from a village on the Argentine pampas that travels across Patagonia on a bus every year, moving from one farm to the next.

Cumbia, the Queen

Pablo Coronel

Documentary | 2015 | 80 min

“Cumbia, the Queen” shows the phenomenon by which Cumbia has become part of the Argentinean culture.


Nicolás Prividera

Documentary | 2007 | 142 min

Close to achieving the same age as her mother when she was kidnapped in 1976, the film director began an intense investigation that leads him to meet with old colleagues and militants close to his mother. In this search, new questions arise, misunderstandings, silence, and complicity.

Rain is not seeing you

Mayra Bottero

Documentary | 2015 | 93 min

Ten years ago, horror came about in Buenos Aires. During a rock concert in a nightclub, 194 people, mainly young people, died in what is known as “The Tragedy of Cromañón”. A few hours after the incident, several issues arose: the unveiled negligence of the state, and institutionalized corruption.

A vuelo de pajarito

Santiago García Isler

Documentary | 2014 | 89 min

This documentary rediscovers the history of the 20th century through the narrations of investigative journalist and historian Rogelio Garcia Lupo. He cofounded news agency Prensa Latina together with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Rodolfo Walsh and Jorge Masetti, as well as the CGT workers' weekly newspaper.

8 Horsemen

Santiago José Asef

Documentary | 2013 | 113 min

“8 Horsmen” tells the pleaseant vicissitudes of a group of peasants, passionate riders from Buenos Aires Provence’s who, united by their love for history and culture, rode 1900 kilometers in 64 days, from San Salvador de Jujuy to Buenos Aires, in time for the celebrations of the Bicentenary of our independence.

no subs

Juan, como si nada hubiera sucedido

Carlos Echeverría

Documentary | 1987 | 164 min

This documentary investigates the disappearance of stundent Juan Herman in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, during the last military dictatorship.

While I'm Singing

Julián Montero Ciancio

Documentary | 2014 | 41 min

Juan María is a hair dresser looking to become a rock star. His dream begins to come true when he's invited to sing to a tango reunion.

Hot Button Players

Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke

Documentary | 2011 | 80 min

This is a film about buttons (the ones in clothing) that play soccer. Soccer with buttons? Yes, but the buttons don’t move on their own; they are moved by Rómulo Berruti and Alfredo Serra, veteran journalists, long-time friends, eminent conversationalists who are fans of soccer-playing buttons.

no subs

Before the Law.

Emiliano Jelicié & Pablo Klappenbach

Documentary | 2012 | 131 min

Carlos Correas, cult writer, left a series of unanswered questions after his dramatic death. Manuscripts, diaries, letters, judicial records and the traumatic adaptation of a story, become the pieces of a puzzle that reconstructs his painful intellectual life.

no subs

Pact of Silence

Carlos Echeverría

Documentary | 2006 | 124 min

Pact of Silence investigates how the German community of Bariloche protected and welcomed Nazi war criminals –like Erich Priebke– who arrived there after the war, settled in, and ended up becoming pillars of the community and socially respected figures.


Ezequiel Yanco

Documentary | 2012 | 75 min

Los días is a film about two twin sisters, their everyday life and the intimacy of their female childhood world.

En el infierno del Chaco

Roque Funes

Documentary | 1932 | 54 min

In 1932, when the war between Paraguay and Bolivia over the boreal Chaco had been just declared, cameraman Roque Funes travelled to Paraguay in order to record with his camera their army, during the first episodes of the conflict.

no subs

The crisis caused two new deaths

Patricio Escobar, Damián Finvarb

Documentary | 2006 | 86 min

This documentary analyzes the "Massacre of Avellaneda", that took place on June 26 of 2002, in which Maximiliano Kosteki and Darío Santillán were killed by the police.

Shooting "Batalla en el cielo"

Adrián Arce & Manuel Méndez

Documentary | 2004 | 59 min

This documentary shows the work of Carlos Reygadas during the shooting of his second feature film, “Battle in Heaven”, in Mexico City.

no subs

The tree that grows on the wall

Tomás Lipgot

Documentary | 2012 | 73 min

Jack Fuchs, at his lucid 88 years of age, is one of the few survivors of the extermination camps during the Second World War living in Buenos Aires. This movie is a testimony of his experience.

no subs

Typical Family

Cecilia Priego

Documentary | 2009 | 79 min

Typical Family deals with the issues of historical amnesia through the reconstruction of a family history. Priego dedicates to unraveling her family intrigue and films an investigation that begins with apparently simple story and ends by confronting a typical family with the secrets that sustain it.

no subs

An Illuminated Life

Andrés Habegger

Documentary | 2007 | 39 min

Two passions entertain the days of “Tucho” Lazlo: the music from vinyl collection and the paintings he makes at a collective workshop. The first passion seems logical, given Tucho’s present condition: blindness. Painting, instead, is a challenge taken on one picture at a time, that allows him to relate to the visual universe snatched away from him by a tragic decision.

8 Layovers: Julio Bocca

Ariel Ludin

Documentary | 2007 | 99 min

While touring in Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Italia, Perú, Estados Unidos y Chile dancer Julio Bocca reflects upon his career.

no subs

Espejo para cuando me pruebe el smoking

Alejandro Fernández Mouján

Documentary | 2005 | 102 min

On December 20th, 2001, in Buenos Aires, there’s a social uprising. A sculptor recollects from the steet shotgun cartridges, rubber bullets and stones thrown by protesters, and plans to make a work of art.

Hotel Virreyes

Manuel Méndez

Documentary | 2010 | 59 min

Every city has an iconic hotel, and in Mexico City that would be the Hotel Virreyes. Situated at the crossroads of two of the busiest streets in the world, the hotel has descended into bohemian decadence since it first opened its doors in 1947 as one of the city’s premiere luxury hotels. Today, it is home to an international family of artists, students and refugees.

no subs

Return to Bolivia

Mariano Raffo

Documentary | 2008 | 96 min

A Bolivian family in Buenos Aires travels back to Bolivia after eight years of absence. They are looking for a new employee for their produce store. During their voyage they encounter their families, old friends and abandoned traditions. But everything has changed, and Bolivia doesn’t seem to be their place anymore.

no subs

The Resistants

Alejandro Fernández Mouján

Documentary | 2009 | 166 min

Tales of the clandestine fight between 1955 and 1965. The “abnormal, disproportionate, and hallucinated odyssey of the Resistance” against the violence and hatred of the Dictatorship known as the "Liberating Revolution".

Lost Alamo

Francisco Forbes

Documentary | 2012 | 98 min

Los Alamos is a band formed in 2004 by Peter Lopez and Ezequiel Safatle. Their particular sound (self-proclaimed “narco-country”) is informed by the band's passion for music and the variety of styles that have served as inspiration. Lost Alamo portrays the evolution of the band during a crucial period of uncertainty.


Matías Pablo Saccomanno

Documentary | 2007 | 80 min

In Cameroon’s capital, Yaoundé, an urban maze made out of metal and earth, seven young musicians dedicate their lives to a dream: give birth to Abyali Percussion. They want to rescue the traditional rhythms from oblivion and to spread them all over the world.

no subs

Love Song

Karin Idelson

Documentary | 2011 | 59 min

“You’d think people have had enough of silly love songs / But I look around me and I see it isn’t so”, sang Paul McCartney. And those lyrics seem to guide Karin Idelson’s camera in this exploration of “popular applications” of romantic songs, to put a word on it.

no subs

Strange Scenes

Rodrigo Caprotti

Documentary | 2011 | 51 min

My grandmother, my mother and my sister. My family history told throughout the relationship of these three women.

Chagas, a Hidden Affliction

Ricardo Preve

Documentary | 2005 | 84 min

Filmed in Argentina, the US, and Europe, this documentary gives a voice to those suffering from Chagas, and to those working to find a cure to this desease that affects about 20 million people worldwide, kills nearly 50.000 per year, but is practically unknown to the general public.

An X-Ray of the Desert

Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2013 | 97 min

When Martínez Estrada wrote "Radiografía de la Pampa", he was influenced by his readings on the literature by explorers who ventured into unknown lands. “An X-Ray of the Desert” also picks up the idea of venturing into strange areas. The destination: the Argentine desert.


Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2009 | 73 min

Three decades later, the project for the reconstruction of the Civic Center of the province of San Juan is back on track: the bureaucratic machine combines with the cranes and human strength and the megalomaniac desire that such a venture implies. There, in the monumental recovery of lost dreams and projects that suddenly come back to life, Mariano Donoso sees a film.


Mariano Donoso

Documentary | 2005 | 88 min

In July 2002, an American Producer comissions director Mariano Donoso a documentary on the state of Education in San Juan, the province where he was born. On the first day of filming, a teachers’ strike begins, paralyzing classes in the whole province, and – indirectly – the film itself.

no subs

The mysteries of Trulalá

Centro Audiovisual Rosario y Cooperativa de Trabajo Animadores de Rosario

Documentary | 2012 | 42 min

A homage to the artists that paved the way of animation in the sixties, and particularly to Manuel García Ferré, creator of Hijitus (1967–1973).

no subs

SMO, el batallón olvidado

Marcelo Goyeneche

Documentary | 2012 | 93 min

Tucumán, 195. A milestone of Argentinian History and a tragic fact come together: the compulsory military service and the "Operation Independence".

no subs

La intemperie sin fin

Juan José Gorasurreta

Documentary | 2008 | 44 min

The film "Documentary Experience N°3 - Juan L. Ortiz" ("La intemperie sin fin") is an investigation piece on one of Argentina's greatest poets.

no subs

Los Boys

Javier Zevallos

Documentary | 2012 | 82 min

If breakdance was a cultural resistance dance of the African American community in the US, maybe this documentary shows some continuity within Northern Argentina's adolescence. The Boys Street is a breakdance group known through their presentations in the TV reality show Argentine Talent, where they made in to the finals.

AU3 (Central Highway)

Alejandro Hartmann

Documentary | 2010 | 87 min

A highway that was never built divides Argentina in two. Analyzing the fracture left by an unfinished highway in Buenos Aires, during the Military Dictatorship, the film dissects both the urban structure, and its social tissue.

no subs

Liniers, the simple lines of things

Franca González

Documentary | 2010 | 78 min

This is a film about Liniers, one of the youngest and most talented cartoonists of Argentina.


Alejandro Montiel

Documentary | 2009 | 77 min

During eleven days, filmmaker Alejandro Montiel and a small group of collaborators filmed the holidays of a group of retired people, in the touristic complex of Chapadmalal, an old watering place in Argentina.

no subs


Alberto Yaccelini

Documentary | 2003 | 62 min

Volvorta is a 3-year-old mare, trained by Carlos Lerner, an Argentinian who has been living in France for over 30 years. Volvoreta's brilliant debut and wins in races, enables her to compete in the prestigious Prix de Diane. If she wins, her victory will mean, not only the confirmation of her excellence, but Carlos' legitimation as a first class trainer.

no subs

Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo

Alberto Yaccelini

Documentary | 2000 | 84 min

In 1939, polish writer Witold Gombrowicz arrives in Buenos Aires with the plan of staying for two weeks. But World War II breaks out in Europe, and he decides to stay in Argentina, which he will only abandon 24 years later.

no subs

Final con foto

Alberto Yaccelini

Documentary | 2003 | 56 min

In the small towns of the Argentinean plains, the passion for short range horse races is still alive. In the town of Saladillo, Pablo, a 57-year-old photgrapher looses his job due to the economic crisis. In order to make ends meet, he invents a very ingenious mechanism of capturing images of races.

no subs

Los de Saladillo

Alberto Yaccelini

Documentary | 2005 | 93 min

In 2001, during the great Argentinian crisis, while the population is desperate, depressed and feels that the country is like a sinking ship, two young men from Saladillo start making films with the collaboration of common people.

no subs

Soy Huao

Juan Baldana

Documentary | 2009 | 92 min

In the rainforest of Ecuador live the Toñampare, a community of Huaroni. They are legendary and have lived isolated for many years, due to their temerity. They introduce themselves as "Huaos", which means person.

no subs


Juan Baldana

Documentary | 2010 | 84 min

They've carried their animals along the mountains for years, but this practice needed to adapt to the economic opportunities of the present. They work day after day to make a living, and they don't even think of living elsewhere, away from the mountains. They were born there, they will die there.

Metropolis refound

Evangelina Loguercio, Diego Panich, Laura Tusi & Sebastián Yablón

Documentary | 2010 | 47 min

In June 2008 Film Archeology was news all over the world: Metropolis’ (Fritz Lang, 1927) missing scenes, lost for over eight decades, had reappeared in Buenos Aires. This documentary tracks down the detour of this print containing the complete version of the film.


Baltazar Tokman

Documentary | 2011 | 89 min

Ever since the popularization of home video cameras, one of its main functions has been to allow parents to record their children: at all times, and all places, and for many different reasons, or no reason at all. This is what “Planetario” proves, in its journey across the world in search of these family records.

no subs

Sip'ohi, el lugar del manduré

Sebastián Lingiardi

Documentary | 2011 | 63 min

Gustavo Salvatierra returns to his hometown, Sipo'hi, in the impenetrable forest in the north of Argentina, with the aim of listening and collecting stories of wichí culture.

no subs

Una por una (tratando que no se borre)

Cristian Serio

Documentary | 2011 | 75 min

When the amnesty laws are revoked, Eduardo, an agricultural expert, decides to restart the investigation on his brother's disappearance, paralyzed since 1987.

Heart of the Factory

Ernesto Ardito & Virna Molina

Documentary | 2008 | 120 min

The film looks at the life of a group of workers, inhabitants of the Argentinean Patagonia, who start a fight to stop the deaths and accidents that happen in the factory where they work.

no subs

Prepotencia de trabajo

Adrián Szmukler

Documentary | 2011 | 96 min

“Prepotencia de trabajo” is a film about people who make films, made by people who make films, by people who teach how to make films, and by people who are learning how to make films.

The fantastic world of Cropogo

Wenceslao Bonelli

Documentary | 2011 | 66 min

Welcome to the surreal world of Crópogo: “cro” from croquet, “po” from polo, “go” from golf. This mixture is a sport that has been played for about eight decades in Sierra de la Ventana, south of Buenos Aires.

no subs

Elsa and her Ballet

Darío Doria

Documentary | 2011 | 86 min

It is February: the nearly 60 women who make up the 'Ballet 40/90' get together to begin their work. They have eight months of difficult rehearsals ahead of them.

no subs


Darío Doria

Documentary | 2004 | 81 min

Indebted and in bankruptcy, the bread stick company "Grissinópoli" is abandoned by their owners. Its sixteen workers make up their minds to prevent the company from disappearing.

no subs

Pablo Dacal and the Mystery of Lake Rosario

Ignacio Masllorens

Documentary | 2008 | 56 min

A trip through Patagonia in search of a mysterious monolith placed during the past century by a german geographer ends into a bizarre trip full of charm and obsessions.

Colegiales, Popular Assembly

Gustavo Laskier

Documentary | 2006 | 62 min

Buenos Aires, December, 2001. In the middle of an economic and political crisis, the public took to the streets. In Colegiales, neighbors created an Assembly, and started organizing autonomous political actions.


Mariano Cohn, Adrián De Rosa, Gastón Duprat

Documentary | 2000 | 96 min

This film adopts the structure of an encyclopedia, with several scenes that aren't linked in any way, and produces a sort of X-ray of the argentinian society of the nineties.

Become a stall holder

Julián D'Angiolillo

Documentary | 2010 | 92 min

La Salada is a group of fairs that specialize in textiles, located outside the city of Buenos Aires, above the ruins of old popular seaside resorts. The stallholders have built their own powerful non-hegemonic economy, offering goods and prices that the regular city doesn't offer.


Ernesto Ardito

Documentary | 2011 | 109 min

Leopold Nacht, a man of 82, who lived the persecution and deaths of their friends in the last Dictatorship, explores unreleased files about facism in Argentina.


Christoph Behl & Tomás Lipgot

Documentary | 2010 | 97 min

This is a movie that tells the stories of characters locked up in confining institutions. Old, mad, ill and imprisioned people seek for a way out their suffocating surroundings.

Brides - Godmothers - Sweet 16

Diego Levy & Pablo Levy

Documentary | 2011 | 61 min

The Levy brothers portray a world they are very familiar with: a silk shop owned by their father, “Negro” Levy, located in the Once neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

Big for the City

Andrés P. Estrada & Juan Schnitman

Documentary | 2007 | 82 min

“No solos, what matters is the melody” says one of the members of Astroboy, a Uruguayan brit pop band. This film documents the recording sessions of their second album, Big for the City.

no subs

A King for the Patagonia - An Underdeveloped Superproduction

Lucas Turturro

Documentary | 2010 | 82 min

In 1971 artist Juan Fresán set out to make a film about Orélie Antoine de Tounens, a crazy French man who 100 years before had proclaimed himself 'King of Patagonia'.

no subs

Dead Youth

Leandro Listorti

Documentary | 2010 | 74 min

Since the end of the 90's, more than thirty teenagers took their lives in a southern town of Santa Cruz. This film evokes their existences, trying to examine the emptiness and mystery that sorrounded their lives and deaths.


Mauro Andrizzi & Mariano Goldgrob

Documentary | 2008 | 81 min

"Mono" is an experimental documentary about a renovation in the Argentinian musical scene. Twelve new bands, and the power of live performance.

no subs


Ernesto Ardito & Virna Molina

Documentary | 2003 | 129 min

This is a film about the life and work of Raymundo Gleyzer, Argentine filmmaker, kidnapped and murdered by that country’s military dictatorship in 1976.

Dreams of Polvorón

Gabriel Alijo

Documentary | 2006 | 70 min

From Los Polvorines, Guillermo Solis turns into Willy Polvorón, a lumpen songwriter and guitarist who tries to infiltrate in the world of music’s high society.

Next to be gone

Lorena Muñoz

Documentary | 2006 | 79 min

Argentina, 1933. The Mexican painter, David Alfaro Siqueiros, paints the mural "Plastic Exercise" in the basement of the mansion of Natalio Botana, an Argentinean tycoon.

Ricardo Becher, Final Stage

Tomás Lipgot

Documentary | 2010 | 70 min

Tomás Lipgot records renowed filmmaker, writer and professor Ricardo Becher at age 80, while he starts writing a book about his experience in the nursing home.

What are you now?

Gustavo Galuppo & Mariano Goldgrob

Documentary | 2011 | 62 min

This story recovers the happy years of band "Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes", the songs, and the voices of those who don't forget, because they still carry them in their hearts.