Baltazar Tokman

Ever since the popularization of home video cameras (and a bit earlier with Super 8 as well) one of its main functions has been to allow parents to record their children. At all times – playing, eating, taking their first steps, at school plays, celebrating their own and other children’s birthdays, being born – and everywhere. And for many different reasons, or no reason at all, as “Planetario” proves in its journey across the world in search of these family records. The United States (with an ultra-catholic pianist and her daughter, aspiring pop star), Russia (with a tough guy that drools over his baby), and India (with a proud and “late” single dad), are some of the stop-offs in which Baltazar Tokman finds ordinary life stories and turns them – through a very careful selection and editing process – into extraordinary (and even musical!) tales about parenthood, one of the most unconditional forms of love.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Documentary
  • Director Baltazar Tokman
  • Cast Anton Artemovich Konyukhov, Kamod Kumar, Heather Dawn Martin, Zoffía Anna Stepinska, Ignacio Tinte
  • Writer Baltazar Tokman
  • Producer Manuel Abramovich, Alejandro Hartmann, Irene Hartmann, Baltazar Tokman
  • Sound Designer Guillermo Semproni, Martín Scaglia
  • Film Editor Baltazar Tokman