Short Films


Alejo Santos

Short Films | 2018 | 8 min

"Earth is the cradle of men, but one cannot live in a cradle forever" this words were said by Kostantin Tsiolkovsky in mid XIX century. More than two centuries later, mankind searches for a new home.

no subs

Sábado Uno

Ignacio Rogers

Short Films | 2010 | 20 min

Todos compiten, menos Gonzalo.

no subs

Un video de diez años

Ignacio Rogers

Short Films | 2016 | 3 min

An old video tape captures the holidays of a group of teenagers.

no subs

Un rayo

Ignacio Rogers

Short Films | 2015 | 2 min

A peaceful day in the countryside goes by, a big storm is coming.

no subs


Ignacio Rogers

Short Films | 2009 | 11 min

A group of people is interviewed about their past romantic relationships.

no subs

Ciudad Remota: parte uno.

Ignacio Rogers

Short Films | 2016 | 2 min

El novio actual

Jerónimo Quevedo, Martín Shanly

Short Films | 2015 | 10 min

A young man is summoned by his ex-girlfriend to be a part of a mysterious new project she has with her current boyfriend.

And face wild animals

Jerónimo Quevedo

Short Films | 2014 | 6 min

Miss Chile 1985 has been kidnapped by Tarzan, the king of the jungle and highest exponent of the Patriotic Anti-Pinochet Command Manuel Rodriguez.

A woman being followed

Jerónimo Quevedo

Short Films | 2013 | 16 min

Love letters, ridiculous love letters, old letters from ridiculous lovers, and a pursuable girl.

The Internationale

Tatiana Mazú González

Short Films | 2015 | 13 min

I film my sister arguing with my mum while preparing Christmas dinner, in a worker's sit-down, in a demonstration, and singing. I discover in a VHS that I have been filming her since we were kids. Apparently, according to some verses of "The Internationale", Socialism would be something like a Paradise full of siblings.

Film + Lava

Alejo Maglio

Short Films | 2013 | 4 min

By means of these recorded images of the chemical action exerted by the bleach on the film material, this short film remembers, and points at the manipulation and censorship suffered by National and International films between the end of 1974 and the beginning of 1980 in Argentina.


Alejo Maglio

Short Films | 2013 | 2 min

"The gaze sails through the exteriors of the light and the interiors of the shadows. Through a window, light watches over the bodies that the eye does not see."


Violeta Uman

Short Films | 2015 | 12 min

Tamara’s husband died recently and this is her first holiday without him. She meets other older ladies at the resort. They discuss matters during a walk in the woods. They effortlessly switch between light-hearted subjects and the important things in life.

no subs


Juan Renau

Short Films | 2015 | 19 min

Three firemen try to stay awake while waiting for a fire that would make them leave their station. Fire/Rescue is an intimate observation –almost dreamlike– of these characters, who spend their time waiting for a chance to become heroes.


Fernando Dominguez

Short Films | 2014 | 9 min

During the Nazi occupation a man visits the French city of Salers, where a crazy woman follows him. Many years later, he returns to the same city.


Lisa Caligaris

Short Films | 2014 | 24 min

Rina and Yaco are two single brothers who live in a village of Santa Fe. They work together in the old familiar store. All days seem the same: always inside the house, almost without speaking. But today is the carnival ball and something can change.

The Queen

Manuel Abramovich

Short Films | 2013 | 18 min

Her crown is so heavy, they had to remove weight from it. She couldn’t carry it. It would fall off her head. But now she doesn’t want anything else to be done with it because she looks so pretty.


Javier de Azkue

Short Films | 2013 | 2 min

"Bariloco", roughly translated as "Bari-loony", is a mashup of images from the nineteen fifties from Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. Neither Swiss nor Finnish landscapes. An 100% Argentine wonder!

Our weapon is our tongue

Tian Cartier

Short Films | 2013 | 15 min

When Marcos discovers that his community has been destroyed and his wife has been kidnapped, he embarks on an extraordinary journey to rescue her.

no subs


Mariano Mouriño

Short Films | 2013 | 14 min

Natalia, a young woman who lives in a rented room in the La Boca with her son, turns 25. She spends her days taking care of her child and working as a carer, looking after an 80-year-old man who is confined to bed.

no subs


Bernabé Demozzi

Short Films | 2013 | 13 min

Argentina, December 19 and 20, 2001. Clara witnesses her cousin Mara's crisis with her boyfriend Tomás, and intervenes, creating a surprising rupture between them.

La mujer que usaba esparcidas las ondas del pelo

Julieta Amalric

Short Films | 2009 | 5 min

After a crash, a woman freaks out. Rain impregnates the atmosphere. The victim and the perpetrator embodied as one. A crime, a secret.

Now is Never

Pablo Acosta Larroca, Nicolás Aponte A. Gutter

Short Films | 2014 | 29 min

A very particular view on failed love, unrealized bonds, and possible relations that never do happen.

Daughters of the River

Segundo Arregui

Short Films | 2013 | 23 min

Magda and her friend Jochi are expected to spend the afternoon on the riverside while her mother sets the house for visits. Heat strikes viedma city on their last day together, before Magda leaves for college.

The Step

Guillermina Pico

Short Films | 2013 | 10 min

She works nights, when most people are asleep. As she listens to trendy music, she practices over and over again the words she means to say to her family so she can jump out to the world that, she senses, is vibrating outside.

Variations on Alice

Florencia Aliberti

Short Films | 2011 | 3 min

Made by recycling a Disney animation and a pornographic film, this short aims to connect two completely opposite genres that nevertheless have a common educational element: they both appeal to ideals through which they exercise their influence.

Horror Vacui

Florencia Aliberti

Short Films | 2013 | 2 min

A found footage piece that recycles Super 8 films, experimenting with film material. It reflects upon the construction of the other-antagonist: the wild one, the wild woman, nature, and the undomesticated.

The Last Barbecue

Julen Laburu

Short Films | 2013 | 13 min

9 friends from high-school get together religiously every month for more than 30 years to eat an "asado", a traditional argentine gastronomic ritual similar to a barbecue. When they find out that Javier, the irreplaceble grill-man, is going to move to another country, jealousy, mixed feelings and betrayals start to blossom between them.

no subs

The Thesis

Leandro Suliá Leiton

Short Films | 2011 | 24 min

Juan (an aspiring filmmaker) sets out on a trip with Leo (his assistant director and best friend) and a small crew to the mountains, to shoot his thesis. While the shoot gets complicated, Juan’s personal life hangs from a thread.


Luis Migliavacca

Short Films | 2011 | 17 min

Registration of "sic semper tyrannis", a noise symphony performed by 14 guitarists and coordinated by Leandro Barzabal.


Felipe Martín Bravo

Short Films | 2014 | 11 min

Omar at age 51 is in the midst of an existential debate in which routine torments him both professionally and personally.​

Something Else

Madeleine Emery, Martina López Robol

Short Films | 2013 | 6 min

One very long conversation. Or two or three. Jose and Ana try to explain their relationship to each other and to themselves.

Así somos sin Serena

Inés Villanueva

Short Films | 2014 | 11 min

Alan and Ema are a middle aged couple trapped in their own home as they mourn a loss in a very particular way.

The inviolability of the domicile is based on the man who appears wielding an axe at the door of his house

Alex Piperno

Short Films | 2011 | 6 min

At the garden of a provincial summer house, a series of operations is carried out, involving a man, a woman and a group of individuals with certain convictions.

no subs


Brenda Urlacher

Short Films | 2011 | 6 min

In the pool, she is surprised by the presence of a man who mysteriously disappears. She feels seduced by him but eventually discovers that he belongs to a parallel dimension, water.

Les Lunettes

Paulo Pécora

Short Films | 2003 | 3 min

A woman's roundtrip to an uncertain future.

If it's not tomorrow

Martín Schuliaquer

Short Films | 2013 | 13 min

The morning, a lonely walk around, a breakfast for two and some unfinished projects.

no subs


María Florencia Sosa

Short Films | 2013 | 10 min

Malena lives a quiet life with her cat Perseo in an old apartment building in Buenos Aires. However, there’s an old lady living next door whose presence unsettles her.


Nicolás Torchinsky

Short Films | 2012 | 13 min

“While rehearsing for a concert orchestra, 8 musicians move around the city in a mysterious choreographed movement. Like a clockwork mechanism, they get prepared to perpetrate a robbery”.

La mochila perfecta

Nele Wohlatz

Short Films | 2014 | 19 min

A German ecologist and her daughter, who lives in Argentina, meet in Cuba to make a documentary about snails.

Una parte

Ignacio Sánchez Mestre

Short Films | 2013 | 12 min

This is a story that begins on an early morning. A rock appeared on the terrace. A giant rock. Miguel calls his ex-girlfriend and asks for her help. But this is just a part of it.

Operaciones del Dr. Posadas

Eugenio Py

Short Films | 1899 | 9 min

Between 1899 and 1900 an Argentinian surgeon hired cameraman Eugenio Py to film two of his surgeries in the old Clínicas Hospital.

Actualidades Argentinas

Casa Lepage (Max Glucksmann)

Short Films | 1913 | 10 min

Emblematic newsreel of the silent period.

La mosca y sus peligros

Eduardo Martínez de la Pera & Ernesto Gunche

Short Films | 1920 | 35 min

A series of frightening images demonstrates how the fly manages to transmit all kinds of diseases.

La vuelta al bulín

José A. Ferreyra

Short Films | 1926 | 20 min

This film is a vehicle for comedian Álvaro Escobar to display his talents. He plays a fool that thinks highly of himself, taking advantage of some of the stereotypes or the inhabitants of La Boca, a picturesque neighborhood by the river.

Film Revista Valle I

Cinematografía Valle

Short Films | 1926 | 13 min

Argentinian newsreel of the silent period.

Mosaico Criollo

Eleuterio Iribarren

Short Films | 1929 | 9 min

Filmed musical sketches of different popular genres: folk, malambo, piano solo and tango.

Film Revista Valle II

Cinematografía Valle

Short Films | 1931 | 10 min

Argentinian newsreel of the silent period.

The crimes

Santiago Esteves

Short Films | 2011 | 20 min

A cop tells the story of an old case. A young widow, a sleepless business man, a horse left out in a stable. The city as the setting of a trap.

A recurring dream

Santiago Esteves

Short Films | 2013 | 22 min

Ignacio has the same dream every night. This dream is destroying everything from the inside of his mind: his job, his romance, his personality, his world.

Killing a dog

Alejo Santos

Short Films | 2013 | 13 min

Ramírez waits. He has a test to overcome, he drives in silence to the Buenos Aires docks. The Mole is going to test him.

The Date

Hernán Guerschuny

Short Films | 2006 | 10 min

“Hey Julian, look, last week you told me we had to talk about something and you never called me back. I don´t know... I need you to give me some kind of explanation, anything... otherwise make it up.” Julian must go to his date and start to talk.

Love Changes

Ignacio Ceroi

Short Films | 2011 | 21 min

Marco, Patricio and Lucrecia form a peculiar love triangle. Patricio seems to be okay with it, but Marco feels uneasy.

no subs

Black Series

José Carballo

Short Films | 2012 | 5 min

Somewhere in the city a killer awaits an old friend who's about to betray him.

no subs

7:15 pm. Rosa Cherñajovsky

Hernán Weisz

Short Films | 2012 | 5 min

Rosa Cheñajovsky is 80 years old, and the news of having to wear glasses seems to surprise her as if she were a child.

no subs


Federico Pintos

Short Films | 2011 | 33 min

Between 1910 and the end of the Second World War, Korea was part of the Japanese empire. Since then, Koreans are the first ethnic minority in Japan, and their known as “zainichi”. Sometimes, the zainichi are still trying to hide their origin. After the death of his grandmother, the last member of a family born in Korea begins a journey back to his home town.


Melina Serber

Short Films | 2013 | 23 min

What happens when an oriental community from one side of the world, emigrates and settles in another part, in the western world?


Daniela Goldes

Short Films | 2013 | 10 min

This is the story of Hilda, the daughter of a Nazi leader who fled from Germany to South America at the end of World War II.

The Roads Ahead

Adrián Suárez

Short Films | 2010 | 22 min

Lucio is 10 years old and lives in the country-side with his parents. He plays alone in the mountain recording the sounds of nature and dreams of growing up and moving to the city, to work on TV.

no subs


Melisa Aller

Short Films | 2013 | 2 min

So was the sky at the beginning of the world. The sunrises, all were ours. Now I lose my nature. Hopelessness is fire. When I remember, we're both away. Yes, we should have stopped the time to match us.


Melisa Aller

Short Films | 2012 | 3 min

The empty places. The lost childhood. Light trees. The abandoned gardens.


Melisa Aller

Short Films | 2013 | 3 min

No insides and outsides. The margins do not exist. Constitution is an intensive burst which does not seek individuals and forms, but seeks the different speeds and slownesses.

no subs

Primera sangre

Ramiro Longo & Leo Gracés

Short Films | 2012 | 10 min

In Argentina no train operator concludes his years of work without running over or killing somebody.

The House

Paola Michaels

Short Films | 2012 | 30 min

This is a surreal tale about strange happenings in an abandoned house. The voiceover becomes the thread of the story in an incredible and lonely place. It's up to you to recreate the actions and characters narrated there.

One day every day

Felipe Solari Yrigoyen

Short Films | 2012 | 8 min

A tedious day in the country. A chaotic day in the city. The relation between both stories becomes complicated as sound and image begin to diverge.


Milton Secchi

Short Films | 2010 | 13 min

Five provocative young men meet in a closed patio. From the silence that stems from the “siesta”, comes the sound of a rock band. Immutable, they play as time splits into two and loses the stability of the present.


Milton Secchi

Short Films | 2011 | 10 min

What do trips around the house sound like?

Two experiences in the forest

Alejo Franzetti

Short Films | 2014 | 10 min

I swear that what I'm just about to tell you is absolutely true: a daring sparrow, a girl that smokes cigars, a forest and Julián, in January in Buenos Aires.

no subs

Yo y Maru 2012

Juan Renau

Short Films | 2013 | 11 min

“The ability to write letters must have brought the world a terrible disturbance of souls. Because it’s a relationship with ghosts – and not only with the phantom of the recipient, but also with the own. Who can think it’s possible to maintain relationships through correspondence!” Letter from Franz Kafka to Milena Jesenska, 1920.


Natalia Ardissone & Jimena Cantero

Short Films | 2013 | 28 min

The neighborhood of Constitución in the city of Buenos Aires is portrayed out of characters that bring life to a railroad gym, Domincan hair salons, and a nearby bar.

no subs

¿Conoce usted el mundo animado de Luis Bras?

Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Short Films | 2000 | 24 min

Documental animado sobre el pionero de la animación rosarina, con música de Fernando Kabusacki.

The kid

Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Short Films | 1993 | 6 min

A triad of disciplinary lovers.

The night of the ugly

Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Short Films | 1993 | 5 min

Loose adaptation of Mario Benedetti’s short story, featuring music by Fernando Kabusacki.


Pablo Rodríguez Jáuregui

Short Films | 2002 | 3 min

Loose adaptation of the silent classic, featuring music by Fernando Kabusacki and the National Film Chaber Orchestra.

no subs


Joaquín Francisco Ceballos

Short Films | 2013 | 3 min

Raúl Guerreiro Miguel is an Argentinian ex-combatant, who survived the Falklands War and now struggles on a daily basis to lead a quiet life, keeping his dark memories away.

Chronicle of Paco Uribe's Death

Santiago Canel

Short Films | 2012 | 10 min

The life of a man, the death of another.

Saludo indio

Ricardo Vázquez

Short Films | 2012 | 1 min

Typical and alluring greeting in Calcutta.


Ricardo Vázquez

Short Films | 2010 | 1 min

Portrait of past times in our garden. In the end, return and forgetfulness.


Sergio Quatraro

Short Films | 2011 | 26 min

“Papá” is a documentary in which a variety of family footage illustrates the director’s feelings and findings about his father Carlos, whom he hardly remembers, and who was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

2 Metros

Javier Mrad, Eduardo Maraggi, Javier Salazar

Short Films | 2007 | 6 min

A dog, a snail and a ball. A Short Film animated in Stop Motion, with 2D objects.


Mariano Luque

Short Films | 2010 | 13 min

A highschool teacher tries to help a pupil to prevent her from dropping out. But this brings him accusations that get him into trouble.


Javier Mrad

Short Films | 2009 | 11 min

Once upon a time there were magazines ruffling in the wind, and a Super 8 camera crawling through a table, while an old blanket went back and forth. Suddenly, a mouse. Then, civilization itself falling into its inevitable destiny. Plastic contamination has risen to the point where not even the farthest beaches remain untouched.

no subs

Alabanza a la papa

Ignacio Masllorens

Short Films | 2004 | 24 min

What do Eva Perón, Victor Grippo, an American tourist and poet Arturo Basanta from Catamarca have in common? They’ve all passed through the valley of Traslasierra and became victims of the tubercle that obsesses the inhabitants of “Villa Dolores”: the solanum tuberosum, also known as “potato”.


Fermín Acosta, Romina Ballester, Sol Bolloqui, Matías Revello & Lucía Salas

Short Films | 2011 | 13 min

Someone finds what seem to be the remains of a city that used to be peaceful and stunning. That triggers a story shaped as a surgical travel tale.

no subs

La pasarela

Ulises Rosell

Short Films | 2012 | 9 min

Clorinda, next to Asunción, in Paraguay, is a small town full of shops, stands and warehouses. The town converges on the gangway "The fraternity": 40 meters of wooden bridge that crosses an inexistent creek/boundary.

The Game

Benjamín Naishtat

Short Films | 2010 | 20 min

A group of armed men are wandering in the jungle, tracking each other. Like in any sort of game, rivalries and internal conflicts will not take long to emerge, drawing a line between the strong and the weak.


Paulo Pécora

Short Films | 2006 | 13 min

Visions and nightmares of a woman escaping her own shadow.

no subs


Mariano Ramis

Short Films | 2005 | 3 min

Aníbal is a hideous character: grumpy, annoying and toilsome. With nothing better to do, he spends his time at the narrator's house.

The Suit

Agostina Galvez & Luna Paiva

Short Films | 2012 | 11 min

During summer, Inés visits her grandmother, who lives in a sea town. Inés searches her grandmother’s house and winds up finding a suit that holds a mystery.


Juan Pablo Zaramella

Short Films | 2007 | 3 min

A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her world.

At the Opera

Juan Pablo Zaramella

Short Films | 2010 | 1 min

A really moving night at the opera.

no subs

Viaje a Marte

Juan Pablo Zaramella

Short Films | 2004 | 16 min

Antonio is a boy who wants to go to Mars. Luckily, his grandfather knows how to get there.

Deus Irae

Pedro Cristiani

Short Films | 2010 | 13 min

A fragile border separates our world from the realm of darkness, where nightmarish creatures await in the shadows, looking for a way into our world.

Minimercado Champion

Florencia Percia

Short Films | 2010 | 19 min

"Minimercado Champion" awards Anna with a trip for two, to a seaside town. She finds herself travelling alone, engulfed in a tour around a world in which she appears to not belong.


Jeymer Gamboa y Franco Castro

Short Films | 2010 | 14 min

A man makes a car trip with a dark purpose, and he will try to erase the traces he left behind.


Tomás Sposato

Short Films | 2010 | 6 min

Differences, Toxicity, and Becoming. Three different views of what happens when an object encounters another one that affects its existence dramatically.

The Contrabass

Alejo Franzetti

Short Films | 2008 | 15 min

At the shores of Buenos Aires, among the debries that form the coast of its echological reserve, she listens, closely, to a confession. What follows, will only be mere inconveniences and questions between a corpse and a contrabass.


Eduardo Crespo

Short Films | 2010 | 18 min

Two brothers and their dying mother are waiting for the rain to stop. They have to make a choice: either stay in and look after their mother, or go out to work before the water ruins the crop.

El vuelo de Atí

Emilce Ávalos

Short Films | 2009 | 10 min

A young couple prepares for the arrival of their first son: Atí. The first toy the parents give to the child is a wooden bird, which comes to life for Atí as he plays with it.

Shave it

Jorge Tereso & Fernando Maldonado

Short Films | 2012 | 4 min

In a jungle where giant bulldozers shave the vegetation, a monkey finds a razor and decides to use it. Disguised as human, he moves to the city and sets out to climb society's ladder.

El hombre caja

Florencia Calcagno

Short Films | 2011 | 13 min

A man lives with a box in his head. He does not see anything, but he does not care, because he only wants to see the moon and the stars.

Escenas en el mar

Flavia de la Fuente

Short Films | 2012 | 6 min

On a calm winter afternoon, the filmmaker goes out with her tripod to film the sunset at sea.


Paulo Pécora

Short Films | 2011 | 8 min

A woman, a mountain, a nightmare.

Árboles y arbustos

Francisco Pedemonte

Short Films | 2004 | 11 min

"(...) Evergreen, up to 20 meters tall. Straight trunk, dark, hardly cleft, thin bark; rounded, generous, dense, obscure, bright green,..."

El cazador es un corazón solitario

Lorena Muñoz

Short Films | 2000 | 7 min

A photographer has lost his wife in an accident, while taking pictures of her, and feels guilty and depressed. One day, he meets another woman, very alike his former wife, whom he’ll try to replace.

Salón Royale

Sabrina Campos

Short Films | 2011 | 13 min

Ana, who is going to a wedding with two friends, hopes to meet somebody . But her expectations change when one of them reveals that her ex- might be there.

The cloud

Paulo Pécora

Short Films | 2011 | 10 min

Over the ¨Malecón¨ of La Habana floats a cloud of uncertainties that belongs to an abandoned woman.

no subs

Eternal Fire

Cynthia Sabat

Short Films | 2012 | 27 min

Juana Sapire returns to the city she left behind when she went into exile in 1976, to give her testimony in a historic trial regarding the disappearence of his husband, the militant and revolutionary filmmaker Raymundo Gleyzer.

She doesn't love me

Martín Piroyansky

Short Films | 2010 | 16 min

A young couple goes on vacation to the Uruguayan coast. He, in his neurosis, begins to believe that she does not love him.

no subs


Malena Solarz

Short Films | 2004 | 12 min

17 doors, 27 characters, one night. One night with 17 characters in 17 doors. 27 characters travel through 17 street doors in one night.

no subs


Sebastián Giovenale

Short Films | 2009 | 34 min

Achupallas is a town situated in the middle of the Buenos Aires Province. A town in the countryside with only a hundred inhabitants, whose daily lives will be affected by the arrival of a film crew.

Me, Natalie

Guillermina Pico

Short Films | 2009 | 29 min

Natalia Kohen, renowned artist, millionaire and patron of the arts, claims to have been kidnapped by her daughters and held in a well-known neuro-psychiatric facility.