The Thesis

Leandro Suliá Leiton

Juan (a young aspiring filmmaker) sets out on a trip with Leo (his assistant director and best friend) and a small crew to the mountains, to shoot his thesis. While the shoot gets complicated, Juan’s personal life hangs from a thread. Personal and professional complications start to mix, and he seems unable to prevent his life from crushing down anytime soon.


  • Year 2011
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Leandro Suliá Leiton
  • Cast Diego Quiroga Brobobeck, Rodrigo Casavalle, Juan Ermili, Paz Giambenedetti
  • Writer Leandro Suliá Leiton
  • Producer Diego Ruggeri
  • DP Natanael Navas
  • Art Victoria Jordá
  • Sound Designer Lucas Kalik Stella
  • Film Editor Leandro Suliá Leiton