Eternal Fire

Cynthia Sabat

‘Eternal Fire’ takes place during a round trip between Buenos Aires and New York, while the present memory of a man inspires his loved ones to honor life. Juana Sapire returns to the city she left behind when she went into exile in 1976, to give her testimony in a historic trial regarding the disappearence of his husband, the militant and revolutionary filmmaker Raymundo Gleyzer. His son, Diego Gleyzer, lives in New York and even though he keeps few memories of his father, he evokes his childhood experiences and claims that forgiveness is what helps him carry on with life.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Cynthia Sabat
  • Cast Juana Sapire, Diego Gleyzer
  • Producer Agustín Villani, Cynthia Sabat. (Esto es indi, Panorama Cine, Spit on BPM)
  • Sound Designer Marcelo Galluzzo , Jesica Suarez, Andasonido