El vuelo de Atí

Emilce Ávalos

A young couple prepares for the arrival of their first son: Atí. The first toy the parents give to the child is a wooden bird, which they hang over his cradle. The bird comes to life for Atí as he plays with it, creating a world of their own. As time passes by, the child grows up and his life changes. He forgets about his toy until one day he sees it again, and everything changes.


  • Year 2009
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Emilce Ávalos
  • Writer Emilce Ávalos, Claudia Gambaro
  • Producer Milena Parrella
  • DP Ana Laura Álvarez
  • Art Verónica Acordaci
  • Sound Designer Andrés Olivo
  • Film Editor Fernando Pacheco