The Internationale

Tatiana Mazú González

I film my sister arguing with my mum while preparing Christmas dinner, in a worker’s sit-down, in a demonstration, and singing. I discover in a VHS that I have been filming her since we were kids. Apparently, according to some verses of “The Internationale”, Socialism would be something like a Paradise full of siblings.


  • Year 2015
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Tatiana Mazú González
  • Cast Sofía Mazú, Inés González, Oscar Mazú, Tatiana Mazú
  • Writer Tatiana Mazú González
  • Producer Tatiana Mazú González
  • DP Tatiana Mazú González, Oscar Mazú, Lucía Casado
  • Sound Designer Alan Serué
  • Film Editor Josefina Llobet