The Last Barbecue

Julen Laburu

9 friends from high-school get together religiously every month for more than 30 years to eat an “asado”, a traditional argentine gastronomic ritual similar to a barbecue. When they find out that Javier, the irreplaceble grill-man, is going to move to another country, jealousy, mixed feelings and betrayals start to blossom between them.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Julen Laburu
  • Cast Javier Ulises Maestro, Mucio Mancini, Iñaki Laburu, Julio Tagle, Pablo Bolo, Toto D'Agosto, Pablo Giambroni, Gabriel Martinez, Eduardo Rossiter
  • Writer Julen Laburu
  • Producer Nubia Campos
  • DP Vanessa Alami
  • Art Gloria Barugel, Agustina Monjo
  • Sound Designer Mercedes Gaviria, Julio Araujo, Jose Maury
  • Film Editor Damian Tetelbaum, Francisco Kikuchi