Nicolás Torchinsky

“While rehearsing for a concert orchestra, 8 musicians move around the city in a mysterious choreographed movement. Like a clockwork mechanism, they get prepared to perpetrate a robbery”.


  • Year 2012
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Nicolás Torchinsky
  • Cast K. Avenburg, P. Chao, H. Drachtman, G. Giusto, H. Marassi, F. Pedrazzini, P. Mora, F. Nanyo, S. Gallinal
  • Writer Nicolás Torchinsky
  • Producer Victoria Gómez Acuña
  • DP Tebbe Schöningh
  • Art Isabella Kicherer, Leticia Bernaus
  • Sound Designer Gabriel Chwojnik, Victoria Gómez Acuña, Nicolás Torchinsky
  • Film Editor Daniel Prync