Yo y Maru 2012

Juan Renau

“The ability to write letters must have brought the world a terrible disturbance of souls. Because it’s a relationship with ghosts – and not only with the phantom of the recipient, but also with the own. Who can think it’s possible to maintain relationships through correspondence!” Letter from Franz Kafka to Milena Jesenska, 1920.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Juan Renau
  • Cast Satiago Pozzi, Maria Rohde, Micaela Freire, Ivan Stur, Cecilia Bosch
  • Writer Juan Renau
  • Producer Juan Renau, Manuel Abramovich
  • DP Juan Renau
  • Sound Designer Sofia Straface
  • Film Editor Juan Renau, Nele Wohlatz, Carla Graziano