Melina Serber

What happens when an oriental community from one side of the world, emigrates and settles in another part, in the western world? In time, I am getting to know the Korean community. I observe, film, interview and take photos of them, I purchase from their many businesses, visit their churches, eat at their restaurants. But I also encounter difficulties, a different culture, a language I cannot understand, fears that I cannot placate and sometimes disinterest. Because of this, and due to a link between my personal history and immigration, is that KOREA is born. The East in the West. The West in the East.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Melina Serber
  • Cast Perla Lee, Gloria Jung
  • Writer Melina Serber
  • Producer Melina Serber
  • DP Sol Miraglia
  • Art Melina Serber
  • Sound Designer Andres Radulovich
  • Film Editor Celeste Contratti