Daughters of the River

Segundo Arregui

Magda and her friend Jochi are expected to spend the afternoon on the riverside while her mother sets the house for visits. Heat strikes viedma city on their last day together, before Magda leaves for college. A dense vegetation surrounding becomes the perfect stage for their much awaited intimacy to appear, in a pact that would make that moment everlasting.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Short Films
  • Director Segundo Arregui
  • Cast Julieta Arregui, Florencia Crespo, Rosa Valsecchi, Florencia Apelhanz
  • Writer Segundo Arregui
  • Producer Carmen “Coca” Kreiter
  • DP Virginia Brezniw
  • Art Betina Perrone
  • Sound Designer Marcos Migliavacca
  • Film Editor Segundo Arregui, Paola Buontempo