María Florencia Sosa

Malena lives a quiet life with her cat Perseo in an old apartment building in Buenos Aires. However, there’s an old lady living next door whose presence unsettles her. One day, Perseo is nowhere to be found. When Malena calls him, she hears meows and a strange noise. Perseo is missing. Malena senses that something bad has happened.


  • Year 2013
  • Type Short Films
  • Director María Florencia Sosa
  • Cast Soledad Tielens, Cristina Sisca, Amancio
  • Writer María Florencia Sosa
  • Producer Natalia Vuotto, María Florencia Sosa
  • DP Facundo Geli
  • Art Daniela Servín
  • Sound Designer Ignacio Violini, Martín Scaglia
  • Film Editor Nicolás Giarrusso